Ovacık resort is located 4 km. from Ölüdeniz on the way to Fethiye. Cool breezes and common Pine Mountain & forest view caress its hotels and holiday villages.


Hisarönü Resort is next to Ovacık Resort in the area. Hotels, restaurants, bars, shopping centres and the other activities describe a very colourful life for tourists. Easy transportation to Fethiye and Ölüdeniz from Hisarönü & Ovacık is provided by dolmuş, which takes 5 min. to Ölüdeniz and 20 min. to Fethiye centres.


Ölüdeniz Lagoon and Belcekız beach are known as “Blue Paradise” in the world. Colourful holiday complexes with lush gardens, camp—sites and hotels provide a large capacity of accommodation for tourists. “World Heritage” Babadag hugs the area with its floral richness. After half an hour driving to the summit of Babadag, you can have an opportunity to fly single or tandem, do paragliding and land softly on Belcekız Beach. Babadag and Belcekız is becoming a centre for paragliders .